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If you have not seen Leelee Sobieski in a movie lately then you are probably not getting to the cinema often enough. In 2008 alone she stared in 4 movies including Walk all over me and Night Train. These were not some of her best work so far but still her acting is something to be admired. Leelee is a beautiful woman with all the right curves in the right places and both men and women like to see her in movies or on TV because they can relate to this young and gorgeous actress.

Leelee had a small role in the block buster Public Enemies where she plays a demanding role of someone that is not quite her usual cast. In the Movie Coven Leelee had us all wondering whether she was the good girl or the bad girl but whichever way it ends (I won’t spoil the surprise) you will be glued to your seats the whole time which was also the same in the Wicker man where she truly is evil. Around 2001 she stared in the Glass House which was one of her first big roles in the movies where as before that she had mainly stared in sitcoms.

Leelee has the god given gift to make us laugh, cry, sing or go crazy with her believable and modest acting skills. We can’t wait to see what lies in store for her next part within Hollywood which will no doubt be an absolute thriller. Just because Leelee has such a big fan base she should be very proud of the good work she has done so far and hopefully enjoys what she is doing in the future.

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